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Welcome to e-Employee Performance Ver4

Group HR Department proudly present e-Employee Performance (electronic Key Tasks Setting and Performance Appraisal) module that used web-based technologies to support the paperless PDA application for you. Developed in-house by the ASD, IT Department. The e-Employee Performance module helps you to fill in your SKT and PDA form, submit to your Head via online. It allows Head of Section/Program/Department to endorse your SKT, assess your annual PDA and submit to Group HR. It assists Group HR to streamline tedious annual SKT and PDA activity for each staff by managing the appraisal flow electronically thus reducing use of paper, reducing error of data transfer, expedite generating and analysis of reports thus minimising PDA processing time.

All Head of section/program department could easily perform and monitor their own staff's SKT and PDA submission. The module reduces manual and paperwork; it minimizes cost on paper wastage by automating online set goal and Appraisal via the web. Staff will be notified via e-mail for appraisal dateline and reminder will be sent to supervisor to appraise their staff in time. Staff will also be notified via email for viewing of their PDA result at the endorsement of the Board of Directors.

Why Use e-Employee Performance Module?

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Any questions please refer to HR personnel below:

HR & Admin Technical Services Division:
  • Pn Lili Masni Ab Jalil: 6346 (
  • Pn Shaharatul Ima Zainuddin: 5079 (
HR R&TI Division:
  • Puan Rajiah Mohamed Taib 6630 (
  • Puan Rohaya Ahmad Japlus 6743 (
  • Puan Rohana Wagio 6806 (
  • Puan Hamizah Hj Hamzah 6891 (
Group HR Dept:
  • Puan Ani Alang 6615 (
  • Puan Salwa A. Karim 6740 (
  • Cik Noorazalina Mohamad Saleh 6616 (
  • Puan Suriana Mohd Hidzir 6629 (
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